About us


Elderflower Lane is an established independent family company.

Welcome to the home of hard working furniture

Twelve years ago, around a little kitchen table, we came up with the idea to bring together an online collection of affordable unique industrial, retro and rustic styled storage furniture, different from the kind of thing you find in the shops on the high street. 

We shared the idea and people loved it. Over the years our collection has grown, but we still remain a small independent family company who pride ourselves on delivering high quality products to your home and excellent personal customer service.

We are based in Dry Drayton on the outskirts of Cambridge. 

Every item in our specially curated collection is born sturdy. You will  find industrial, retro, urban, rustic, quirky, distinctive. Different styles. Same quality. All ready for a bit of tough love. 

Elderflower Lane is living proof that quality and affordability are not mutually exclusive. There is something delightful here for everyone to enjoy, without breaking the bank.


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