Large Industrial Style Steel Legged Dining Table - Office Desk - Meeting room table. Solid wood top.

A Large Industrial Style Steel Legged Dining Table with Thick Wooden Top.

If a totally steel table is going a bit far for you,you may like this one, which features a combination of a thick wooden top and trapezium shaped steel legs.

This table measures: W2.3 metres D:0.95 metres H 0.76 metres It weighs an impressive 76kg.

A beautifully crafted table, that makes a big statement.

Please measure very carefully. These are very very large tables.

The wooden top is carefully hand crafted from eco friendly solid mango wood

The chassis of the table is made from black brushed stainless steel and is trapezium in shape.

It is delivered in one large box. You must ensure you have adequate clearance of doors to get this into your room of choice.

As each table is hand crafted by skilled craftsmen, delivery can take between 3 - 6 weeks. It can be sooner depending where we are on the production cycle.

Delivery is free.
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